To contact The Orthopaedic Group divisional billing dept of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists with questions about your bill, and /or any insurance/address/ or changes click here

Billing Department direct line:
(203) 624-4002

Billing Department direct fax:
(475) 202-6804

Billing staff can be reached:
Mon-Fri, 6:30am thru 5pm

Billing staff has three ICD-10 certified professional coders on staff as well as a team of highly experienced charge entry/payment poster/insurance collectors and claim specialists on staff to assist you.

The Orthopaedic Group, a division of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists participates with most major insurance companies. Our divisional  Billing Office Staff will gladly assist you with any billing or insurance questions that you may have and can be reached by called (203) 624-4002.

In order to maintain the highest standard of correct billing practices, we must be provided with up-to-date and accurate information from you. With constantly changing guidelines and claim submission requirements, the following information is not only standard, but crucial for accurate and timely billing practices.

Booking an Appointment

Please provide the following:

  • Current legal name
  • Current Address
  • Home and work numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Current effective insurance information (insurance cards MUST be presented at time of service)
  • Co-pays must be paid at time of visit
  • If your insurance plan requires a referral, it must be current and obtained prior to the appointment. If there is not a current referral on file at the time you arrive, your visit will be rescheduled.

If you are a minor, all of the above information must be provided for both patient and the responsibility party (i.e.: parent, legal guardian, power-of-attorney, etc)

If you are injured at work:

  • You need to file a First Report of Injury with your employer
  • You will need to provide a  date of injury
  • You will need to provide a Workers Compensation Claim #
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier Claim  Address
  • Name and address of Workers Comp Adjuster handling the case
  • We will need you to provide us with all of your Private Health Insurance information, in the event that workers comp denies your case so we can bill your private carrier

If you are injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident:

  • You must file a claim with your car insurance carrier
  • You must call  and obtain a Declaration Page from your carrier stating whether or not you have available Med/Pay benefits under your auto insurance policy
  • This will help our Billing Department determine whether we will bill through your private health insurance

Important – If at any time the above insurance, address, phone number or any other relevant information changes, contact the billing department at (203) 624-4002 immediately.

 In the event a claim is denied for any reason, or due to inaccurate information, you will be responsible for payment.

We recommend checking with your insurance company before making an appointment to determine if your visit will be covered. Thank you for choosing The Orthopaedic Group, a division of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists.