Neida DeJesus Garcia

"My primary physician referred me to Dr Reznik. When I first walked in, this reminded me of a hospital waiting room. Intake and xray was very fast and very modern. They are very organized and quick. I was found with a tear under my left kneecap. It was suggested that I get a cortisone shot. I was a little nervous, but was given time to weigh the options. Never had one. Once I reviewed the information and gave them the ok to proceed, I was prepped and I told them that I didn't want to see the injection procedure because of my hate for needles. No judgment was passed and made my first time (although it hurt like crazy once the medication was administered ) go ok. I know that this is just a temporary fix, but surgery was the last thing on Dr Reznik's mind. I highly recommend this office."

Laurie Duplease Rubino

"Great doctors great staff. Both me and my husband have had surgery here by Dr Reznik and my son had just been seen by a different doctor for his wrist all around AWESOME"

Patti Savinelli

"Thank you Dr. Reznik for believing in me when I said I WOULD get full ROM to my right arm back in 1993 when so many said "No" you set the arm (closed reduction) and they said THAT couldn't be done either. We fooled them ALL!"

Cynthia Lee

"Hi Dr. Reznik... You are the best! You gave me back my arm to continue my adventures with my boys on my journey... and 10 years later still going strong with baseball, coaching them & pitching... amazing doctor you are! I did the recovery as you told me... PT immediately & I did not use pain meds at all after I left your surgery center! Thank you!!!"

Ann Criscuolo Pari

"Best by far..."

Pattie Bailey

"The best doctor there ever is."

Cathy Savinelli

"Love you! You fixed my knee and me husbands shoulder."

Anthony Aiello

"Hello Dr. Reznik. You are by far the best orthopedic surgeon around. I am still forever grateful to you for the care you proved to me in October of 1991. You saved both of my legs when 2 other surgeons wanted to take them off. Thank you."


"I broke my humeral head in a fall in 2012. Dr. Reznik operated on my me. I had a plate and 9 screws. I had an excellent outcome. I have no aches or pain and am back to all my normal activities."

Laura Tower Pfeifer
- September 1, 2015

"Dr. Reznik reconstructed my ACL 10 years ago. It's perfect. I moved out of state and wish I could return to him for new orthopedic issues I'm having."

Brenda Seagrove Page
 - August 13, 2014

"I have the great privilege of working alongside Dr. Reznik on a regular basis as one of his circulating nurses! He is a great surgeon to work with and one of the smartest people I know!"

Susan Pearce See
- May 28, 2014

"Dr. Reznik is nothing short of a miracle worker. I was injured at work and was told by the Dr. (who was recommended by workers compensation) that 'some things just can't be fixed'. After 3 MRI's, surgery, months of therapy and MANY pain filled sleepless nights, I went to see Dr. Reznik. After 1 visit, he was able to determine what he believed the problem was. HE LISTENED TO WHAT I WAS SAYING!! He performed surgery and I was in less pain the night after the surgery than I was the night before it. I am recovering well and have been back to work for 2 months. Dr. Reznik is amazing!!"

David V.

"Dr.Alan Reznik is an outstanding physician in every way. In our long patient-doctor relationship, Dr.Reznik performed a surgery on my left shoulder, and then many years later a surgery on my left knee. Both surgeries went extremely well, and I am grateful to Dr. Reznik for this.

In addition to being such a fine surgeon, Dr. Reznik is a kind doctor and a patient and attentive listener. He has a good sense of humor and also a good heart. After the earthquake in Haiti, Dr. Reznik volunteered his time, which in my opinion showed a lot of courage, since the cholera is still such a horror in Haiti and was an added risk at the time as well.

I don't know how many patients I've sent Dr. Reznik's way. I have always been involved in outdoor sports, so aside from the normal vicissitudes of life, my friends and I have experienced various entertaining orthopedic traumas. No one wants to have to see the doctor, but when you need to, Dr. Reznik is exactly the kind of doctor you want to find.

Lastly, in my experience one can often learn a great deal about the quality of medical care from the atmosphere of the office and the kindness and competency of the staff. The people at The Orthopedic Group are upbeat and considerate and friendly. My appreciation to the whole group."