"Many People Who Get Knee Surgery Don't Need It"

Read the article "Many People Who Get Knee Surgery Don't Need It" by Markham Heid suggesting that "physical therapy sometimes works just as well".

"Putting Yourself in Your Patient's Place - AAOS"

Dr.Reznik joins the discussion with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS) members on “Putting Yourself in Your Patients Place” in the August Issue of AAOS Now.

"Orthopaedic Surgeons at a Community in Motion Event"

On Tuesday, March 14, orthopaedic surgeons showed how people of all ages and various abilities can have fun and exercise together to prevent injuries and build strong bones for life during the Communities in Motion event, an extension of the A Nation in Motion® campaign. The event—held at the Spring Valley East ...

"Issues of Appropriateness in Patient Safety - AAOS"

Dr.Reznik joins the discussion with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS) members on “ Issues of Appropriateness in Patient Safety”.

"New Habits Can Better Serve Patients - AAOS"

Dr.Reznik shared strategies with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) members on New Habits Can Better Serve Patients - AAOS

"Important Conversations, before an avoidable fall" 

Read the article 'Important Conversations, before an avoidable fall'--"Ortho-pinions" By. Dr. Reznik

Dr. David Halsey, Chair, Committee Appointment Program Committee of The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) recently informed Dr. Reznik that he has been appointed to serve on the Council on Research and Quality as the Communications Cabinet liason. His appointment is a two-year term and begins March 12, 2018 concluding at the close of the Annual Meeting in 2020.

"Shoulder Pain?"

Read Dr. Reznik’s thoughts in Arthritis Today, October 2017 Magazine article entitled, “Shoulder Pain? Here’s what may be causing it-and what you can do about it.”

"What's wrong with Kerryon Johnson's shoulder? Here are a few possibilities"

Written by Matthew Stevens, Dr. Reznik comments on the possible diagnoses. 

"New treatments offer hope for a common knee injury" 

Written by Susan Bloom, Dr. Reznik was interviewed about new treatments for common knee injuries. 

“How Men Can Become More Flexible Without Pain 

Written by Deborah QuilterDr. Reznik was recently interviewed about how men can become more flexible without pain.

AAOS Nation in Motion

Listen to Dr. Reznik's video featured on the AAOS Nation in Motion website under "Ask Us" regarding recover 8 weeks post operative meniscus surgery. 

"How 'Mother Nature' Helps Us Heal" 

Read the article "How 'Mother Nature' Helps Us Heal" written by Dr. Reznik 

Connecticut Magazines "Top Docs"

Alan M. Reznik, M.D. is named once again to Connecticut Magazines "Top Docs" in Connecticut list released in April 2016. Congratulations to Dr.Reznik and all of the other doctors who join him in this honor. 

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Hometown Radio Clip - A Radio Interview with Dr. Alan Reznik

Dr Reznik is interviewed on tips for coaches, athletes, and parents on start a new season of youth sports. The interview covers field conditions, equipment and a child's growth as it relates to injury prevention.

Patella dislocation in sports explained.