Doctor Reviews

Michael Clark
 - March 22, 2017

"Dr. Bernstein is the best!! He operated on my hands fixing the carpal tunnel symptoms I had been struggling with for years!! It saved my career and I've healed 100%!! I trust and highly recommend The Orthopaedic Group!!"


"Thank you…for giving me back use of my hand."


"Dr.Bernstein operated on my right hand for CMC arthroplasty. He was professional and caring. I no longer have pain in my hand, and go back to doing all the things I used to do!"

Diane B.
Vitals - January 27, 2016

" I knew I had carpal tunnel syndrome but didn't realize how bad it was, and Dr. Bernstein convinced me to go ahead with the procedure. It was painless and easy, I couldn't have asked for a better experience all around"

Lori Gilchrist
Vitals - January 4, 2016

"Dr Bernstein has a wonderful personality. I always felt at ease when speaking to him. My surgery went very well and my incision line is barely noticable. I highly recommend him"

Vitals - January 3, 2016

"excellent experience. I was accurately diagnosed and returned to sports and my activities quickly. THANKS"

Vitals - November 17, 2015

"excellent kind doctor"

Kim Lewis
- August 22, 2015

"3 weeks ago I had wide awake surgery to remove a mucoid cyst on my finger. Dr. Bernstein was excellent. I had therapy with Gail for 4 visits. She is thorough and wonderful at what she does. The office is a pleasure to deal with. You are always called back the same day. They are kind and highly organized. I recommend this group to everyone who asks."

Mike - Excellent Doctor!
Vitals - October 5, 2015

"Excellent and skilled doctor! Very nice, and very knowledgeable! My Carpal Tunnel Surgery was a success which changed my life!

Vitals - September 23, 2015

"Exceptional care, modern office. Very happy with my outcome. Thought I needed surgery but cured without it. Thanks"

Vitals - August 10, 2015


Vitals - August 4, 2015

"highly recommend, great office"

Vitals - July 24, 2015

"exceptional doc. would go back if I had a hand problem"

May 2015

"I had DeQuervain's tendon release surgery with Dr.Bernstein. My wrist feels great! It was a wonderful outcome. I can do things now, that I couldn’t do before the surgery…"

Vitals - April 26, 2015

"Very happy with my interaction. Got a great result emphasizing non operative approaches. Great for a sugeon not to jump to surgery."

Susan - The BEST hand surgeon in New Haven!
Vitals - January 5, 2015

"Dr. Bernstein has performed CMC joint surgery on both of my thumbs - the first about six years ago and the second one this year. As a craftsperson, my hands are my living and he has restored full use to both of them. I highly recommend Richard Bernstein."

Vitals - December 12, 2014

"I have been going to Dr. Bernstein for many years and for a variety of issues. He has a great manner about him, is professional and compassionate. I highly recommend him."

Vitals - November 4, 2014

"I was referred to Dr. Richard A. Bernstein for a broken right elbow. Dr. Bernstein determined surgical repair was necessary. I was terrified of the idea of surgery, but Dr. Bernstein was reassuring and his confidence, experience and professionalism convinced me to go through the surgery. The results were more than I could have hoped for. The elbow is in wonderful shape. The rehabilitation program was conducted by a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable therapist and was highly effective. Every visit with Dr. Bernstein was efficient, caring and beneficial. l would recommend Dr. Bernstein and his group without reservation."

Cliff S.
Vitals - October 15, 2014

"Excellent Dr. Would recommend him to anyone experiencing problems with their hand or wrist. Very personable and takes the time to explain everything."

Love Dr. Bernstein!
Vitals - March 21, 2014

"Dr. Bernstein was fabulous: professional, caring and a great surgeon. I had a perfect surgical outcome. Highly recommend."

Carl Jordan - replaced thumb joint with tendon
Vitals - March 12, 2014

"Surgery staff and Dr Bernstein were all top notch. Branford facility was flawless and everyone was courteous and professional. I felt that I was in good hands and everyone explained to me what to expect and what had to be done. Dr Bernstein was highly recommended and he lived up to all my expectations."

Albert Acelotto
Vitals - January 9, 2014

"He is by far one of the best hand specialists in the area. I highly recommend him. Keep up the great work! Al"

Excellent hand surgeon
Vitals - December 27, 2013

"very busy practice, one would have to believe based on the success of treatment. compassionate, tried nonoperative treatment very satisfied"

Vitals - November 9, 2013

"No one likes going to the doctor but accuarate diagnosis, easy treatment did not even need "surgery."

Phillip Matts - great doctor
Vitals - June 17, 2013

"Dr Bernstein is one of the best doctors ever seen takes time to talk to you about what's going on with your care"

Aletta, Tim & Ryan

"Dr.Bernstein, Thank you for your good care of Ryan. Your Orthopedic skills and caring positive way helped lead to a rapid recovery! Your name became a household word, as we wondered 'What Dr. Bernstein would say at the next visit!' Last night Ryan played in his first baseball game. After sitting on the team bench all season. He made two hits, and caught two balls. He wore a grin from ear to ear! Happy Summer and we'll see you in September."



"Dr.Bernstein, I'm writing this note to tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my finger surgery. I was worried that something might go wrong, due to the delicate nature of this type of surgery and leave me with numbness. From the first day of the surgery, I have had almost no pain. I didn't need to use any of the pain medicine. My family & friends can't believe me when I say I have no pain and can move my other fingers and wrist with no problem. I believe you are the instrument of Gods goodness and that's why! Please thank the staff in the operation room from the nurses (male and female) and especially the anesthesiologist for all their care and kindness in making me fell at ease. My special thanks you to you too!"



"Thanks a lot for everything you have done for me! I really trusted you! I enjoyed you being my doctor!! If I ever have another problem in my arm I will come to you!!"



"Dear Dr. Bernstein, Another excellent shot! I don't understand how you give essentially painless cortisone injections, but they sure do work. My shoulder is better now than it has been in years and years. Thank you. And thank you for many other things. To me you represent the very best that a physician can be. As you yourself said, you are a perfectionist in your work, and of course from your patients' point of view that is essential. I did my due diligence before undergoing surgery, and you are extremely well-respected in your field. In addition to this, and to me equally important, you radiate a sense of caring and of kindness. In the operating room and in all my office visits, I saw you treat the people with whom you work, as well as your patients, with respect and good humor. You listen carefully and with patience. There is thus an atmosphere of calmness and competence and optimism around you, and to a patient this makes a huge difference. I have no doubt that these things vastly reduce whatever fear and pain a patient might otherwise experience, and I also believe that patients heal better and quicker with such care, where the physician and his staff are fully, humanly present. You said to me once that your specialty didn't involve life and death situations. I don't know about that, but I do know that your work certainly influences significantly the quality of life for your patients. I am grateful to have received the very best possible care. During my last office visit you asked if Trailblazer sold sports sunglasses. The answer is yes. Aside from the things I have already mentioned, you went out of your way for me in dealing with insurance issues, which I also appreciate. The enclosed Trailblazer certificate is only a token of my thanks. (Be sure to use it or our books will be unbalanced forever. And get the good ones!) If you get any weekdays off next season, call me for skiing. I promise to give all my on-slope business, if any, to the ski patrol. Again, thanks, and please send my thanks as well to all the other great people in your office. "



"Dear Dr. Bernstein: I would like to thank you for your excellent treatment regarding my hand surgery. From my first appointment in your office, I felt extremely comfortable with the care that I was receiving. This continued with my second appointment as well. Although there was a great deal of confusion surrounding the time of this appointment, the confusion and the wait was addressed by you and explained to me. The additional offer of helping me with the rest of my bad day was also appreciated. The day prior to the surgery, my brother was involved in a rollover car accident. This increased my stress level the morning of the surgery, but the compassion that you expressed helped to ease my mind. I appreciate the effort that you made in listing a number of names of physicians at Hartford Hospital that might be able to help my brother. The treatment that I received in the operating and recovery rooms also impressed me. Throughout my professional life, and through a few mishaps of my own, I have had the opportunity to get to know a number of physicians. It is unfortunate that, more often than not, many of those have been found to lack a bedside manner. It is refreshing to find a doctor that truly cares about his whole patient, not just the specific part he is entrusted to fix. I sincerely appreciate the efforts that you made the day of my surgery, and commend you for not losing sight of a physician's true role. I will be certain to recommend you if I am ever asked for a reference for an excellent orthopedist. Again I thank you for your thoughtfulness and concern. "


Maria, Jeff & Alyssa

"Dear Dr. Bernstein, We just wanted to extend our appreciation for all that you've done for Alyssa (and for us). You've been so kind and caring and you put me at ease at all her visits. I'd also like to mention that Jane & Audra & all of your staff have been wonderful too. I'm so happy to have found your practice at such a hard time with out first baby breaking a bone."


Lee Ann

"Dr.Bernstein, I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate everything you did for me when I broke my arm. I'm so grateful that I did not have surgery, my arm feels 100% back to normal (in fact this card is written on stationary I purchased while I was trekking in Nepal - this time without a cast!). You were right, I do not look back on my time in a cast and worry about things I missed out on. I do remember, however, how helpful you were and how nice everyone on your staff was, I can't thank you enough."



"Dear Dr.Bernstein, Thanks for taking care of my fingers - the nail is already growing back. Thought you'd enjoy the enclosed article on random kindness. Now I look forward to riding the Mass pike & paying the toll for the person behind me."



"Thank you big time for all the help and support you have given me. You are awesome! I will miss you, but I am so happy to have my cast off. The other day I saw this little boy who broke his arm or wrist and I remembered when I was him. I am so glad to have a doctor like you!"