Doctor Reviews

Sue Duggan

"I had a spinal fusion on February 27 2015. Dr Wijesekera 
did my surgery and I want to say thank you for what you did for me. I would recommend Dr. Wijesekera to anyone who needs to have back surgery. Dr. Wijesekera is so caring and explains everything to you. His nurse Shelia is also very nice and caring."

Peter Norkawich

"I have had numerous issues and had both knees totally replaced by Dr Lynch and a significant Spinal revision by Dr Wijesekera. To say the outcome was miraculous would not be stretching the truth. In addition, they also took care of me. The person who was unsure, nervous, frightened, out and out scared was cared for. I wasn't just a knee with an insurance card. That means a lot to me. Over this time in getting to know Dr Lynch a bit more than most patients, he's really intense and intelligent and he listens and he cares. I could not have asked for more. Thanks to all on the team!"

Maria Coppola
- April 10, 2016

"I had back surgery in 2009. Dr.Wijesekera is the best,i will never forget how kind he was ti me.I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to have back surgery.May God Bless him and the staff. Thank you so much."

Vitals - February 1, 2016

"Dr. Wijesekera is the best spine doctor. great results after surgery. Very respectful and will take all the time you need. Told me how my surgery will go and what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Wijseskera."

Peter Norkawich
- January 25, 2016

"'Dr W' is a wonderful, kind and patient man. He took time to answer my questions of which there were many. He spoke to me intelligently explaining what was required to address the issues. I had a wonderful outcome and i recall him saying something like 'I had the easy part, you have to do the rehabilitation'. I could not be more grateful. Thank you."

Deb Ann
- January 25, 2016

"Excellent Kind Caring Doctor I Have Met ! Knowledgeable Definitely Trust Him and Takes His Time!"

Jane Young
- September 23, 2015

"Had spinal surgery after a bike accident. He calmed my husband and my fears completely and took extra time to answer all of our questions. 4 weeks later and I feel great!!"

Sue Duggan
- March 16, 2015

"I had a spinal fusion done 3 weeks ago and Dr. Shirvinda Wijesekera is the best Dr. and he answers all your questions."

Jodi Weckstein
- September 4, 2014

"He is the most thorough and sweetest doctor. He takes the time to answer all of your questions. He was very understanding."

Kathleen Gunn
- March 23, 2013

"Dr. Wijesekera is kind, gentle and really listens to what his patients say. I have spinal stenosis and he was upfront and honest, not one for just rushing into surgery. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Vitals - October 15, 2011

"I went for an MRI on a Friday night an hour after it was completed I received a phone call from Dr Wijesekera. He had not been my doctor previously but he told me that based on the findings I was going to need to see a spine doctor. Although I was scared and ended up with surgery he was wonderful."

Vitals - September 4, 2009

"Extremely gentle and easy going, with no attitude, prejudgement or ego issues as opposed to some Orthopods I know."