Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is very popular non X-ray diagnostic imaging technique. It makes imagaes that are "slices" of your body. MRI works by using a magnetic field and you own molecules to create the "images" without radiation.

 The MRI's high speed computer then takes high-resolution pictures of your bones and soft tissues. The computer records the rate at which your body's tendons, ligaments, nerves, etc. give off microscopic "vibrations," and translates the data into a detailed, two-dimensional picture. It is painless, but the machine may be noisy. Please tell your doctor if you have implants, metal clips, or other metal objects in your body before you undergo an MRI scan. Some of there are not magnetic and not an issue but some are magnetic and it helps to know ahead of time. (Note: Titanium implants are in general nonferrous and are usually not a problem.)

An MRI will help your doctor to diagnose your torn knee ligaments and cartilage, torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, hip and pelvic problems, and other problems. An MRI may take 30 to 50 minutes. For your convenience our group has two MRI centers, one in Hamden and the other in Branford. As outpatient facilities, it is often far less expensive than the hospital- based units and will often have lower co-pays or deductibles, pending the type of insurance you have. It is nice to have a choice. It's even better if we can save you money in giving you that choice, to use one of our facilities. If you do use one of our centers, we will have faster access to the images and they will be directly tied to your own medical records. 

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