X-ray, plain radiography and digital radiography (DR), is available in all of our office locations, Milford, Hamden and Branford to help our orthopaedic surgeons assess and diagnose patients. X-rays are taken by our certified x-ray technicians. Digital Radiography (DR) better known as digital x-ray is the process by which xrays strike a plate of sensors , which then convert the signals generated into digital information and an immediate image on a computer screen for our physicians to read in a higher level of detail, allowing for the ability to zoom in and out on certain area’s of the film they may want a closer look at.

With the advent of our new Greenway Electronic Medical Records System,  the physician is able to efficiently send an “order” for your x-ray thru the system to the radiology department. You are then escorted to the radiology department for your film, where the image is taken and the images are transmitted back to the ordering physician to assess.  Imaging films are stored digitally in our picture archiving and communication system (PACS) where they can be viewed by the healthcare team directly involved in your treatment.